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PRP for joint injections

PRP in Orthopedics: Non-Surgical Regenerative Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentration of platelet cells taken from blood, these platelets have growth factors that help in the healing process of injuries. A Bioactive Cellular Treatment for Orthopedics with Platelet-derived Growth Factors.
PRP may improve tendon injuries as well as other chronic tendinosis. Specifically, it could be possible to treat an acute Achilles tendon tear non-operatively using a PRP injection. Non-surgical, ultrasound guided injection of PRP into the Achilles tendon within one month of injury, significantly improved a 90% Achilles tendon rupture in 6 weeks, leaving only a small focal tear. At 24 weeks, the tear was completely resolved.

PRP in Orthopedics for pain

Several clinical studies agree that Platelet Rich Plasma has been shown to be safe and effective in treating the following common conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis: Knee, Shoulder, Hip & Spine
  • Rotator Cuff Strains & Tears
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL)
  • Pelvic Pain & Instability
  • Back & Neck Injuries / Pain
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Tendonitis & Ligament Sprains
  • Chronic Knee Pain
  • Muscle Strains

The procedure is less aggressive and less expensive than surgery. It will heal tissue with minimal or no scarring, and alleviates further degeneration of the tissues. No ill effects have been reported in any of the many studies executed. This process uses the patient’s own blood thereby eliminating any chance of rejection response and minimizes the likelihood of infection.