prp in othopedics

PRP for joint injections

PRP in Orthopaedics : Non-Surgical Regenerative Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentration of platelet cells taken from blood, these platelets have growth factors  that help in the healing process of injuries. A Bioactive Cellular Treatment for Orthopedics with Platelet-derived Growth Factors.
PRP may improve tendon injuries as well as other chronic tendinosis. Specifically, it could be possible to treat an acute Achilles tendon tear non-operatively using a PRP injection. Non-surgical, ultrasound guided injection of PRP into the Achilles tendon within one month of injury, significantly improved a 90% Achilles tendon rupture in 6 weeks, leaving only a small focal tear. At 24 weeks, the tear was completely resolved.


PRP in Orthopedics for pain

prp in orthopaedics for pain