SkinStitch® products are FDA approved medical device. 2ml 10 per box $179 SkinStitch® Snip is a Class I medical device. SkinStitch® Snip is an amazing, cost-effective, skin adhesive used in the painless treatment of minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and minor irritations of the skin and helps protect them from infection. SkinStitch® is usually administered by a healthcare professional. Patients, especially children, can become anxious about how their lacerations will be treated. When they realize you are using SkinStitch® and are not going to cause them additional pain, their whole attitude quickly changes. Your procedure is completed quickly, and the patient can quickly resume normal activities. Using SkinStitch® Snip will greatly improve the chances of optimum cosmetic results. You can feel confident your patient has just experienced a high level of personal comfort in a timely manner. The repair is permanent and usually does not require a follow-up visit. This has all been achieved in a cost-effective manner and created goodwill that will result in many return visits to your facility