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Platelet Rich PRP Injections

Sterile PRP Separation Kit

There are several growth factors in platelets which are critical for regeneration and repair of tissues. In case the platelets suffer damage or become partially non-functional, it becomes important to use the PRP Therapy, considered to be an effective treatment to address injuries and cosmetics. To facilitate the same, we offer our Sterile PRP Separation Kit which helps repair damaged / injured tissues present in the body. Read through to understand the many benefits of our PRP Kit:

  • It is an easy to carry out procedure which triggers the regenerative process of platelets through harvesting of essential growth factors

The PRP Treatment is known to speed-up the process of healing. The main objective of this Sterile PRP Separation Kit is to attack the point of injury promptly and release growth factors, attract stem cells and support better healing.

PRP Injections Price