PRP Treatment

An effective and lasting therapy, the PRP Treatment is being used by numerous people all over the world to rectify various defects related to damaged tissues, skin corrections, scar removal and healing.

Interesting facts about PRP Treatment:

It is one of the easiest therapies to be performed taking a very short time to complete all surgical procedures involved in it, thus cutting down your life’s difficulties very quickly.

After the treatment, you may get back to your day-to-day life routine without any hassles. This differs from person to person as the skin recovery time ranges from 2-3 days and is indicated by some signs of surgery.

The treatment is very beneficial in improving your skin’s elasticity and also enhances skin whitening. The basic reason for this is the fact that PRP acts as a skin regeneration simulator, and when it is injected in the skin, the radical cell regeneration process is activated.

PRP Treatment involves the use of one’s own blood and as such it is safe to assume that there will be no allergic reactions or infections because of it.

The treatment can be used both, individually as well as in combination with few other scientifically researched and tested surgical procedures including laser, lifting, MTS, Fat Grafting etc.

How does it help your skin?

It is the most effective treatment when it comes to wrinkle removal. Injecting PRP in a nasolabial fold or a hollow cheek, regenerates collagen though the growth factors that are included in it and turns around the wrinkle situation.

PRP treatment is a solution to freckles and blemishes on your skin, through its growth factors which like EGF. EGF in PRP stimulates cell growth and cell replication and this in turn helps in the removal of freckles and blemishes.

Acne is globally an embarrassing problem for people but the best treatment for it is not creams or lotions. PRP

treatment activates sebum (a stimulant that causes pimples in a dormant state) and reduces pimple development.

At the same time, PRP also generates collagen and elastin fibers which are useful in wiping out acne scars.