prp for wound therapy

PRP for Wound Care

PRP Wound Healing : Surgical Wound Therapy

Whenever a patient undergoes a surgical procedure, there is the risk for problems with the wound not healing properly and with potential infection, especially in the elderly, diabetic or immunologically compromised patient.  Utilizing PRP Wound Healing Therapy, not only does the surgical wound heal more rapidly, but also withless pain and discomfort to the patient.  Most importantly, the risk of infection is reduced because of the high concentration of leukocytes (white blood cells) present in the platelet-rich plasma.

Platelet-rich plasma can be utilized in nearly any surgical procedure and is especially beneficial in the fields of cardiothoracic, neurological, orthopedic, spinal, maxillofacial and cosmetic/plastic surgery.  Along with the benefits previously mentioned, platelet-rich plasma can reduce the scarring associated with an incision.  This is especially important to the patient undergoing cosmetic surgical procedures.

PRP for Wound Healing

The use of platelet-rich plasma can reduce the need for transfusion, pain medications, and increases post-operative range of motion and ease of ambulation. Significant cost savings can be achieved with decreased length of stay, fewer infections, reduced pain medication requirements, and fewer transfusions. Hospitals can save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year simply by adding platelet-rich plasma to their surgical protocols.

prp for wound care

prp for wound healing