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PRP, ADSC’s & Cosmetic Lipofilling

February 4, 2018by PRP Kits

The Effects of Platelet-Rich Plasma and Adipose-Derived Stem Cells on Neovascularization and Fat Graft Survival.



Adipose-derived stem cell (ADSCs)-assisted and platelet-rich plasma (PRP)-assisted lipofilling aim to enhance angiogenesis and cell proliferation and are promising techniques for lipofilling. This study aimed to compare the outcomes of ADSCs-assisted and PRP-assisted lipofilling.


Adipose tissue and human venous blood were obtained from women with early breast cancer. Human ADSCs were isolated and amplified in vitro. PRP was extracted through double centrifugation. The effect of PRP on ADSCs proliferation was evaluated. In the in vivo study, 1 ml of adipose tissue with saline (control group), PRP (PRP group), or ADSCs (ADSCs group) was injected subcutaneously into the dorsum of nude mice. At 2, 4, 8, and 12 weeks after injection, tissues were assessed for volume retention and ultrasound abnormality. For histological assessment, hematoxylin and eosin staining were performed.


Cytokines in PRP and blood were comparable. Regarding the in vitro assay, PRP significantly improved ADSCs proliferation, and the effect was dose-dependent. Concerning the in vivo study, for each time point, ADSCs-assisted lipofilling showed superior volume maintenance. Similarly, the PRP group showed improved angiogenesis and fat survival, as compared with the control group. The angiogenic effect of PRP was inferior to that of ADSCs at most time points. No significant difference was observed at 12 weeks after lipofilling. Complication rates were comparable between the PRP group and ADSCs group.


PRP-assisted and ADSCs-assisted lipofilling can significantly improve the cosmetic results of grafted fat. PRP-assisted lipofilling, which is considered convenient and clinically available, is a promising technique to improve neovascularization and fat survival.


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