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The Power of PRP for Sexual Health

November 12, 2020by PRP Kits

PRP for sexual health

If sex has become less fun and more work for you then PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy might just be the ideal solution! Whether you are a female suffering from lack of arousal or discomfort or a male with erectile dysfunction, and aging or other personal health problems have taken their toll on your sexual life, PRP-based treatments can help.

Sexual Challenges

As you age, your body experiences many changes; especially when it comes to sexually satisfying experiences, they can prove to be quite a challenge. The walls of the vagina can become stiffer and thinner for women and men can have trouble keeping an erection or getting it in the first place, or experience erectile dysfunction.

Along with age, other factors including side effects of medicines and health conditions such as obesity, cancer, heart diseases, and diabetes can contribute to worsening sexual health. Other ailments such as stress incontinence, urine infections, and arthritis can be additional complications.

PRP for Sexual Health – How Does It Work?

With the advancement in technology and the medical world, there are countless treatments available for sexual health problems, especially for erectile dysfunction. From medication and pumps to implants, patients have many options to choose from. One cutting edge therapy used for the prevention, management, and treatment of various sexual problems, that is rapidly gaining popularity is PRP therapy. It involves using the patient’s own blood for the enhancement of their sexual function.

The healthcare provider first draws the blood from a suitable vein and puts it into a centrifuge. A special technique in the device causes the red blood cells to separate from the platelets. After the completion of this process, the concentration of platelets which is already quite high increases significantly as compared to the quantity found in regular blood.

This therapy that involves the use of PRP injections helps improve an individual’s sexual health in several ways. The growth factors injected into the patient’s body stimulate stem cells and eventually result in the creation of new and stronger tissue. Moreover, the plasma consists of proteins that encourage the speedy growth of new, healthy tissue and help rebuild areas that are injured. The new tissue then helps speed up the healing process of the injured area and forms less scar tissue.

Advantages of PRP for Men

  • Stronger, larger, and firmer erections
  • Increased blood circulation within the penis
  • Improved pleasure and sensation
  • Youthful and vibrant skin

Advantages of PRP for Women

  • Rejuvenated and healed clitoral and vaginal tissue
  • Reduced pain during intercourse
  • Improved urinary incontinence
  • Increased sex drive and arousal

Is the Use of PRP for Improved Sexual Health Safe?

Using platelet-rich plasma therapy to improve sexual health is safe and simple. Since the enriched plasma is extracted from the patient’s blood, there is no surgery involved and there is minimum risk of any allergic reactions.

Whether you are looking to increase the firmness of erection, improve your sexual capabilities, increase blood circulation, and flow or increase your sexual stamina, PRP therapy might just be the right choice for you! Visit today to know more about PRP therapy and get the best products on the market!

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