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9 Reasons Why You Should Consider PRP Therapy for Medical Ailments

February 19, 2021by PRP Kits

PRP therapy for medical ailments

PRP therapy has become a hot new therapeutic method in the health industry. Doctors recommend it for a number of medical problems, including joint pain, hair loss, erectile dysfunction, skin rejuvenation, and acute injuries, to name a few.

Here are the top reasons why the use of PRP therapy for medical ailments is continually on the rise.

1.     It is a High Profile Treatment

PRP therapy has been around for quite some time. But it gained tremendous popularity after athletes started using PRP injections for common injuries sustained in sports. Various renowned athletes, like Hines Ward and Tiger Woods, have claimed that PRP therapy helped them recover effectively and be back in the field more efficiently.

2.     It is a Convenient Medicine

PRP therapy relies on the platelets present in our blood.  Platelets are the main biological agents that help with clot formation and tissue healing after injury. Simply put, PRP injections are made from the patient’s own blood supply. Therefore, it’s a therapeutic resource that’s always easily accessible to anyone who wishes to use it.

3.     It Supports Natural Healing

The blood plasma obtained from the patient is treated with special medical equipment to increase the concentration of platelets in the given sample. When injected into the affected area, these platelets boost your body’s natural healing response. This helps reduce pain, stiffness, bruising, and swelling associated with the condition.

4.     It’s a Straightforward Process

PRP therapy is as simple as can be. All you need to do is give a sample of your blood. The amount of blood required for the therapy varies with certain factors, such as the condition to be treated, total targeted area, and so on. However, generally, only a few vials are needed. PRP kits and portable centrifuging machines are then used to concentrate the sample and prepare the injections.

5.     It Promotes Joint Regeneration

PRP therapy is widely used for controlling arthritis and osteoarthritis in men and women alike. This is because research has shown that platelet PRP injections can not only help prevent joint degeneration but also helps reverse the damage already done. Administering platelet-rich plasma into aching joints can help alleviate pain, support cartilage repair, and encourage healthy tissue growth. This, in turn, can help restore joint mobility and flexibility to a considerable degree.

6.     It is a Targeted Treatment

When combined with ultrasound scans and similar medical imaging techniques, such as fluoroscopy, PRP injections can be placed precisely into the damaged or injured body part. This provides quick relief from pain and ensures faster healing, be it joints, bones, muscles, tendons, or disc.

7.     It is a Quick Procedure

PRP therapy typically takes around 30 minutes and is usually complete in just one session. Since there is no downtime for rest and recovery, individuals can return to work and daily activities almost immediately. Some patients may experience slight discomfort or swelling at the injection site. But it usually goes away within a few hours, or at most, a few days.

8.     It Has Low to No Side Effects

There are almost no risk factors associated with PRP therapy. The treatment does not require anesthetics or other medicines. Moreover, since the injections are prepared from the individual’s own biomatter, there’s hardly any chance of experiencing an allergic reaction.

9.     It is a Scientifically-Proven Treatment Method

Various studies have proven the effectiveness of PRP therapy in treating a range of physical ailments and medical conditions.

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