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The Cost of PRP

March 12, 2021by PRP Kits

You will find platelet-rich plasma (PRP) often making headlines nowadays. It is being used by high-end athletes who wish to recover quickly from an injury or sore muscle. However, PRP is being used for a variety of different uses, including to promote hair growth, as well as to encourage soft-tissue healing.

Even though there are not a lot of studies that have been conducted on PRP, we do know that its effects have been beneficial.

Fun Facts about PRP

  • PRP is used by doctors all over the world to fasten healing and get rid of inflammation.
  • When using a PRP injection, the doctor will take blood from his patient first.
  • Based on reports by Scientific American, PRP injections can cost anywhere from $500 to $2000.
  • When using PRP, it is common to face side effects such as nausea, dizziness, and even fainting.

How Does PRP Work?

To understand how PRP works, we need to look at the human body. Platelets are usually found in the body. These blood cells have numerous functions. One of them is to ensure that blood does not clot when someone gets hurt and develops a wound.

According to the research conducted, PRP injections are used to allow healing in the body. The injections are injected in inflamed areas or parts where the tissue has been damaged. The injections provide a boost of high concentration platelets to the affected body part.

When a person comes in for a PRP injection, his blood sample is taken. It is then stored in a centrifuge or in any other device that helps spin blood at a fast speed. This spinning helps separate platelets naturally found in the blood from other elements. Then, the high concentration of platelets is separated and injected into the body part that needs special attention, is sore, or has been wounded.

Doctors believe that the PRP injection contains 5 to 10 times more platelets than can be found in untreated blood. This helps speed up the process of healing in the body.

Benefits of PRP

Below are some of the benefits of PRP:

1.    Hair Growth

Inflammation is one of the reasons why we lose hair. Doctors believe that injecting PRP directly into the scalp helps with hair loss.

2.    Healing Tissues

It is common for surgeons to use PRP after jaw and plastic surgeries to encourage healing. In the past, PRP injections have been used on:

  • Tendons
  • Ligaments
  • Muscles

There is no denying that ligaments take loads of time to heal. Hence, PRP is a great option to try, especially for those looking for an immediate healing process.

3.    Reducing Inflammation

Osteoarthritis causes inflammation in the body. PRP helps get rid of the inflammation that causes pain and stiffness in the joints.

Does PRP Really Work?

Research proves that PRP has done wonders in the medical world. According to a study published in 2015 in the journal Stem Cells Translational Medicine, men who opted for PRP therapy for the purpose of hair growth started to see a noticeable difference in their hair density as compared to the men who did not opt for the treatment. This was a small-scale study that only targeted 20 individuals.

According to another study published in 2013 in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, PRP injections significantly helped reduce the pain of knee osteoarthritis as compared to saline injections. However, this study was also small-scale, as it only had 78 participants.

Another paper that was published in the American Journal of Sports in 2014 reported that 28 athletes were used as a sample to a study. Three rounds of PRP injections were used to successfully lessen the symptoms of knee injury chronic patellar tendinopathy.

The Cost of PRP

The market rates of PRP are known to be between $500 and $2000. Due to the recent nature of PRP, insurance does not yet cover its expenses.

However, the cost of PRP also depends on where you live, the facilities offered, and the experience of the doctor who is treating the patient. It is common for patients to receive PRP injections after every 2 to 3 months.

Cost of PRP Therapy and Muscle Injury

Tendon and muscle injuries are commonly treated using PRP therapy. Tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis, and patellar tendinopathy are other common injuries that have proven to heal with the help of PRP. This makes life easy for anyone with these conditions because, let’s face it; they can be extremely painful.

Even though rest and conventional medicines are known to relieve symptoms, PRP is the revolutionary thing that has proved to be successful. Since these kinds of injuries only need one or two PRP injections, they will cost around $300 each.

Cost of PRP Therapy and Joint Injury or Arthritis

Even though practitioners and doctors have full faith in PRP injections, unfortunately, they cannot cure joint damage or replace cartilage. However, with the help of PRP treatments, inflammation can be brought down, which is the leading cause of pain and discomfort.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 23 percent of the people living in the US deal with arthritis. Their movements are restricted, and they cannot enjoy the activities that bring them joy. This reduces their quality of life. Recent science and research have proved that PRP can bring them some relief.

Joint injuries and arthritis patients usually need two or three injections for their pain. They cost $300 each. These injections are used after every one or two weeks, depending on the patient’s condition.

Is PRP Worth It?

Of course, doctors do not guarantee the outcome of any medical procedure. However, research, science, and clinical examinations prove that PRP is a promising treatment that can aid in healing tissue injuries, hair loss, and arthritis.

Most of the people who have opted for PRP injections are shocked at how simplistic and uncomplicated the procedure of receiving an injection is. Moreover, they have seen a noticeable difference in their conditions. Hence, we believe that PRP has a bright future and can change your life.

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